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How Author Platform Connects to Author Brand

Every effective brand—even an author’s—has three essential characteristics: uniqueness, consistency, and authenticity.
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Promoting Your Book as an Introvert in the Age of TikTok

Planning a book launch can be daunting for introverts. But finding strategies that fit with your skills and personality can make it easier.
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The Author-Creator Marketing Playbook

The key to creating successful content as an author-creator lies in the same ingredients that make your stories so great.
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Blurb Matters: A Quiet Manifesto

If we were to reposition blurbs as affirmations as opposed to marketing tools, would that also shift the way we traffic in them?
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Unlock Better Reach: Bridge the Gap Between Online and Offline Activities

To build an audience, close the gap between your offline-self and online-self by showing up with consistent value on your core topics.
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5 Ways to Use Community Marketing for Your Book

It’s possible to create connections with readers by utilizing some fun and interesting ways for them to interact with your book.
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Amazon Ads: Step-by-Step Walk Through for Beginning Authors

Amazon ads are a valued (and sometimes expensive) tool for authors and publishers to drive book visibility and sales. Here's a guide to getting started.
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Getting Book Endorsements (Blurbs): What to Remember, Do, Avoid, and Expect

Seeking blurbs—quotes and endorsements—is a task that most writers absolutely hate. Here are some tips that can get you closer to a yes.
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Promote Your Book with Your Values

Thinking creatively about book events might allow you to align the things you care about with the time you spend on promotion.
Why So Many Blogs and Newsletters Aren't Worth the Writer's Effort

Why So Many Blogs and Newsletters Aren’t Worth the Writer’s Effort

Many writers are told to blog or send an email newsletter without much idea of how to approach it. Here are the most common mistakes they make.
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A Thousand New Email Sign Ups in a Week? It’s Possible.

You don’t need to start strategizing newsletter content or setting a delivery schedule in order to begin building your email list.
How to Plan and Host Worthwhile Online Book Events

How to Plan and Host Worthwhile Online Book Events

Learn best practices for online book events, regardless of the platform you’re using.
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BookTok: A Safe Haven for Young Female Readers

The key to winning BookTok content: authenticity.
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Launching a Book: Baby, Art or Product?

Promotion strategy for your book depends greatly on why you’ve written it, what it means to you, and its place in the larger context of your life.
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How to Secure Early Endorsements (Blurbs) for Your Book

Even the most high-profile influencers may be reachable if you make the right connections and take the right steps.
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Does the Idea of Promoting Your Book Make You Feel Queasy?

As an author, marketing your work will always be your job, but it doesn't have to be a chore. To do it well, think beyond self-promotion.
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Choosing a Publicist (Again): Assessing Your Changing Needs

As an author’s career progresses, the publicity needs change—and what worked for the first book might no longer be appropriate for the third.
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How to Turn Trolling Into a Fine Art

Edgar Allan Poe was a 19th century troll, virulently critical of other writers—but also engaged in literary citizenship for work he admired.
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How to Market Your Book Without Social Media

One self-publishing author who opted-out offers a dozen other avenues on and off the Internet to help spread the word and drive book sales.
How to Harness Community to Build Book Sales and Platform

How to Harness Community to Build Book Sales and Platform

Traditional publishers often center marketing campaigns around community support—sometimes growing an author’s platform in the process
How to Develop a Marketing and Promotion Plan as an Indie Author

How to Develop a Marketing and Promotion Plan as an Indie Author

Self-publishing offers so many paths and options that it can seem intimidating. One debut novelist shares her journey, with valuable tips.
How Authors Can Leverage Facebook Ads to Sell More Books

How Authors Can Leverage Facebook Ads to Sell More Books

Facebook’s most valuable asset is data. As an advertiser, you can tap into this data and pinpoint the exact readers you want to reach.
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How to Be a Great Podcast Guest: A Guide for Authors

Learning these basic skills will help you relax, enjoy the conversation, and hopefully turn a podcast’s audience into yours as well.
I’m Selling Books on TikTok, No Dancing (or Crying) Required

I’m Selling Books on TikTok, No Dancing (or Crying) Required

TikTok has evolved into an entertainment and educational hub, with a remarkably engaged community of book buyers.
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Writers: Ask for What You Want

Your community might be all too willing to help promote your book. The hard part is overcoming the fear of asking.
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A Debut Novelist in a Pandemic: How to Navigate a Launch Through Social Media

When the pandemic thwarted a debut author’s launch plans, she had no choice but to jump into the deep end of social media.
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What Every Writer Needs to Know About Email Newsletters (They’re Not Going Away)

Even a small email list is better than no list at all, because it likely represents your most devoted, true fans.
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Sometimes Better Than Blogging: Guest Blogging

Guest blogging allows you to leverage someone else’s existing audience as a way to reach new readers and grow your own audience.
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Get Reader Reviews Now to Drive Sales Later

Whether you use giveaways, blog tours or paid ads, generating reader reviews will drive sales and create opportunities for further marketing.
The Importance of Finding Your Marketing Sweet Spot

The Importance of Finding Your Marketing Sweet Spot

There are hundreds of ways to market. The secret isn’t to do them all—it’s to find the few that work for your product and focus on just those.
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Using Book Promotion Newsletters to Increase Sales

Book promotion newsletters are a dynamic component of the overall book industry, but their focus—and results—can vary dramatically.
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Maximizing Book Sales with Facebook and BookBub Ads: Q&A with Melissa Storm

The bestselling author discusses best practices for ads, how to keep your spending in check, the top three mistakes authors make, and more.
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What You Can Learn About Platform From a 12-Year-Old

Building a platform is akin to making friends at a new school: invite, engage, be helpful, share and, most of all, be your best self.
Online Book Events: A Necessary Pivot in 2020, But How Do You Compete?

Online Book Events: A Necessary Pivot in 2020, But How Do You Compete?

It's now possible to fill every lunch hour and evening with book clubs and book festivals and live readings and more. Thus, even if you offer a creative and enticing online event, it’s hard to sell when so much content right now is available for free. Before you decide to run an online event, consider the following.
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4 Lessons from 4 Years of Self-Publishing

It’s hard work and there’s no magic formula to boost sales, but you’ll also find a passionate audience and a strong sense of accomplishment.
Building Your Career-Long Marketing Foundation

Building Your Career-Long Marketing Foundation

However you decide to publish, it’s unwise to rely on someone else to build your career, or to be responsible for growing your readership.
How to Do Honest and Legal Giveaways as an Author

How to Do Honest and Legal Giveaways as an Author

Whether using a third-party service to conduct a giveaway or managing it on your own, it’s important to protect the rights of your entrants.
Amazon Editorial Reviews: Are You Using This Incredible Section?

Amazon Editorial Reviews: Are You Using This Incredible Section?

Editorial reviews are one of the most underrated tools in a self-publishing author’s arsenal. Learn what they are and how to manage them.
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6 Tips to Create a Memorable Virtual Book Launch

Online or in person, the basics of public speaking are still what matters most: be captivating, interactive, and take your audience on a journey.
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Marathons, Sprints, and Pounces: 3-Tiered Approach to Book Launches

Promoting a book isn’t a one-off event. It’s a series of actions: long-lead strategies, mid-range tasks, and sudden opportunities.
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How I Hosted a Socially Distanced Book Event

One author’s experience with the pros and cons of promoting a new book to his community in the era of limited social gatherings.
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How to Throw a Virtual Book Launch Using Facebook Live

Your friends and fans want to celebrate with you. When public gatherings aren’t an option, you can take the party online at virtually no cost.
email newsletters

Email Newsletters for Authors: Get Started Guide

Everything you need to know to start sending an effective email newsletter.
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Subscription Marketing for Authors: A Primer

You’ve got something that corporate brands don’t—yourself. Nurture a relationship with your readers, and they’ll do the marketing for you.
Want More People to Support Your Book? Don't Make These 2 Mistakes.

Want More People to Support Your Book? Don’t Make These 2 Mistakes.

A big mistake authors make is assuming that the influencer needs to read a copy of the book—or have a copy—in order to support it. Not true.
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6 Steps to Get Your Self-Published Book Into Libraries

When you're a one-person marketing team, try these foundational tips for approaching libraries about having your book added to their collections.
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What Makes Readers Give an Unknown Author a Chance?

A debut novelist surveyed readers on Facebook. The result? In publishing, as in life, first impressions matter—and we do judge books by their covers.
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6 Tips for Securing Speaking Engagements as a Self-Published Author

Skip the book signing; there's greater reward in identifying and connecting with the audience that already shares a passion for your topic.
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A Game Plan for How to Nail Your Next Reading

To read your work aloud well, you must train like a pro. From public speaking coach Gigi Rosenberg, here’s a guide to what you need to do to show up with confidence.
How to Reach Out to Influencers for Book Promotion

How to Reach Out to Influencers for Book Promotion

You don’t need an influencer’s clout to make your book and brand successful, but it can help expose your work to a larger audience. Before you reach out, here are some important do's & don'ts to keep in mind.