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Love Letter to Cincinnati (#4)

My colleagues at F+W, sometime around 2005 It will be hard to think back on Cincinnati without thinking about F+W,
Love Letter to Cincinnati (#3)

Love Letter to Cincinnati (#3)

Note: Read the earlier installments in this series, #1 and #2. My favorite places in Cincinnati are mostly tied to
Jane in Cincinnati (Mt. Adams neighborhood), 1999

Love Letter to Cincinnati (#2)

Note: Read the first installment in this series. After I graduated college, I packed up my 1985 Ford Thunderbird with
Kevin Pogo Curtis

Love Letter to Cincinnati (#1)

by Kevin Pogo Curtis I've visited New York City more times than I care to remember—always for work. Sometimes I
Chief Culture Officer

Study Slow Culture, Not Just Fast

When I attended TEDxCincy in October 2010, there was one session where I was furiously taking notes: the session by
Life Is a Lot of Little Lonely Drives

Life Is a Lot of Little Lonely Drives

The curse of overactive minds I know—and so (or yet) I'm a devotee of sleep. It's the only way to
Mourning Doves

The Comfort of Mourning Doves

Since returning from San Francisco last week, I've been enjoying the presence of two mourning doves outside my apartment. There