Photo of author Elisa Lorello with the quote: "ChatGPT has fueled my love for writing and being a writer, which is really saying something given how much I already loved both. I see what AI generates and it makes me want to write better, more creatively, and more productively."

How to Make Productive Use of ChatGPT: Q&A with Elisa Lorello

Author Elisa Lorello’s exploratory dive into ChatGPT led her to discover its usefulness—rather than threat—to fiction and nonfiction writers.
Photo of author Julia Scheeres with the quotation: To collaborate can be hard. When it’s going well, it’s great, because you’re sharing the excitement and discoveries with someone else, but it can be problematic when you start thinking, “Who’s doing more work than the other?”

How Two Authors Collaborated on a Biography

The recently published LISTEN, WORLD! is a page turning biography of Elsie Robinson, the most read woman journalist of the twentieth century.
Photos of Rebecca Phelps, Sondi Warner, and Tamara Lush.

Wattpad for Authors: It’s Not Just for the Young Folks

Three successful authors who are outside of Wattpad's key demographic discuss why they contribute to Wattpad and how it’s furthered their careers.
Photo of Jeff Herman with the following quote: There’s an old Jewish saying, You can only dance at one wedding at a time. I think that sums up why so many writers never hear back from agents.

Querying & Submitting in 2023: Q&A with Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman is the author of Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors & Literary Agents, 29th Edition.
Image: Book cover of Valkyrie by Kitty Thomas, with quote from the interview.

Nobody Knows Marketing Like Romance Authors: Q&A with Kitty Thomas

The author of dark- and paranormal romance discusses negative attitudes toward the genre, why sex scenes are the hardest to write, and more.
Photo of Kern Carter, with a quotation: Studying the industry gave me an understanding of what it would take to make my manuscript a commercial success. And I know some authors might be cringing at the word “commercial,” but I didn’t sacrifice an ounce of creativity when writing Boys and Girls Screaming. In fact, it’s probably my most creative novel and the story where I had to use my imagination the most.

Business and Creativity Go Hand in Hand: Q&A with Kern Carter

The Toronto-based novelist discusses his journey from self- to traditional publishing, marketing, the art and business of writing, and more.
Nikki Nelson-Hicks author photo and pull-quote: We do not bring more darkness into this world by writing horror. We show it to you. We mirror the monster hiding behind you. And we teach you how to kill it.

If You Don’t Feel “Literary” Enough: Q&A with Nikki Nelson-Hicks

The author of “weird fiction” discusses why writers should never wait for permission, and the value of reading and writing for entertainment.
Photo of Alan Davis with quotation: "Publication, literary fame and monetary compensation either come your way or they don’t. Either way, writing well is always the best reward."

The Benefits of MFA Programs: Q&A with Alan Davis

One professor addresses common questions and criticisms about MFA programs.
Mansi Shah

When You Change Alongside Your Book: Q&A with Mansi Shah

THE TASTE OF GINGER author discusses challenges in her quest for publication, writing about the immigrant experience, and much more.
Ashleigh Renard Q&A quote

Succeeding with Self-Published Memoir: Q&A with Ashleigh Renard

The SWING author discusses the pre-order campaign for her self-published book, the importance of social media engagement, and more.
Andrea Askowitz

Going the Wrong Kind of Viral: Q&A with Andrea Askowitz

The author and podcaster discusses what she learned from going the wrong kind of viral, the power of vulnerable truth in writing, and more.
Donna Ward

Writing From the Spinster’s Perspective: Q&A with Donna Ward

Donna Ward is an Australian writer whose first book, She I Dare Not Name, has just been published in the US.
Overcoming Writer’s Block Brought On By Childhood Trauma: Q&A with Marc Jampole

Overcoming Writer’s Block Brought On By Childhood Trauma: Q&A with Marc Jampole

The poet and author discusses writing through trauma, his novel’s path to publication, adjusting details to suit a higher truth, and more.
Embracing a Creative Pivot: Q&A with Darien Hsu Gee

Embracing a Creative Pivot: Q&A with Darien Hsu Gee

Author Darien Hsu Gee discusses writing and publishing across multiple genres, going back for her MFA at age 50, and having faith in her creative process.
Image: Elinor Lipman

Writing With Sharpness: Q&A with Elinor Lipman

The author discusses film adaptation, writing effective humor and natural dialogue, using a light touch with character description, and more.
Image: Melissa Storm

Maximizing Book Sales with Facebook and BookBub Ads: Q&A with Melissa Storm

The bestselling author discusses best practices for ads, how to keep your spending in check, the top three mistakes authors make, and more.
Sarah Chauncey

How One Author Landed a Publishing Deal for a Gift Book: Q&A with Sarah Chauncey

The debut author discusses writing an illustrated book for adults, platform building, and listening to the little voice inside.
Writing and Publishing Horror: Q&A with Todd Keisling

Writing and Publishing Horror: Q&A with Todd Keisling

The horror author shares what scares him, the authors who taught him the most about the genre, crowdfunding, trigger warnings, and more.
Image: Janis Thornton

Writing True Crime: Q&A with Janis Thornton

The Indiana author discusses publishing and promoting close to home, plus the logistical, ethical and legal issues around writing true crime.
Image: Caroline Leavitt

The Joy of the Work: Q&A with Author Caroline Leavitt

In this interview, the bestselling author discusses her indefatigable enthusiasm for writing, the importance of writers helping writers, and more.
Image: Kate White

Making the Switch from Nonfiction to Fiction: Q&A with Kate White

The former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan discusses how a grounding in nonfiction can both help and hinder fiction writing, and much more.
Catherine Stine

On Multi-Genre Publishing: Q&A with Hybrid Author Catherine Stine

In this interview, she discusses writing to trends, the limits of writing what you know, taking the time to discover your identity as an author, and more.
Image: Lawrence Hill

Memoir Beyond the Self: Q&A with Lawrence Hill

In this Q&A, Hill discusses why he wanted his memoir to incorporate the observations and life experiences of other Canadians of mixed racial heritage.
Nina Sadowsky

How Partnerships Can Help Boost Your Pre-Orders: Q&A with Nina R. Sadowsky

If there's an organization whose mission aligns with your story or characters, a partnership might help both parties promote one another.
Image: Bob Eckstein

Art Versus Commerce: Q&A with Author-Cartoonist Bob Eckstein

In this interview, Bob Eckstein discusses art vs. commerce, newspaper/magazine cartoons vs. TV as communication delivery systems, the influence of just the right validation, and much more.
Image: Adela Crandell Durkee

Knowing When You’re Ready to Submit: Q&A with Adela Crandell Durkee

In this interview, she discusses discovering writing in mid-life, how she knew when her writing was ready, why she opted to self-publish, and much more.
From Romance Novelist to Literary Novelist: Anna Schmidt

From Romance Novelist to Literary Novelist: Anna Schmidt

In this Q&A, Anna Schmidt discusses how she became a romance novelist, the nearly accidental way she acquired her current literary agent, her journey from successful romance novelist to self-published literary novelist, and more.
Identifying the Best Self-Published Books by State: The Indie Author Project

Identifying the Best Self-Published Books by State: The Indie Author Project

The Indie Author Project identifies the best self-published fiction by state; thirteen states participate so far. This year's national winner is Ran Walker.
Bill Wolfe

Why Read Women Writers? An Interview with Bill Wolfe

Is it still necessary today to encourage men to read women, or to shine a targeted light on female writers? Bill Wolfe says yes.
Jonathan Westbrook

5 On: Jonathan Westbrook

Writer and graphic designer Jonathan Westbrook discusses what it's like to win an extraordinary screenwriting contest, then have that win fall through.
Margaret McMullan memoir

Getting a Memoir Published in a Difficult Market: Q&A with Margaret McMullan

Even a well-published and successful author can have a difficult time finding a home for a memoir. Margaret McMullan discusses her path to publication.
Rich Miller audiobook

Understanding Audiobook Production: An Interview with Rich Miller

How much input should an author have when it comes to the narrator's interpretation? When is feedback helpful, and when is it frustrating? What is a reasonable cost per finished hour of audio? An interview with Rich Miller.
Amy Tipton

5 On: Amy Tipton

Freelance editor and former literary agent Amy Tipton discusses her love of young adult and middle grade fiction, the "unlikable female character," whether agents who don't want a manuscript will be likely to pass it along to an agent friend, her personal editing style, and more.
Cai Emmons van tour

Pre-Publication Marketing: A Van Tour to Bookstores

Novelist Cai Emmons discusses how a van tour to meet booksellers in person helped her overcome her timidity toward book marketing.
Russell Rowland

5 On: Russell Rowland

Author Russell Rowland discusses the big mistake he made with HarperCollins, whether the journey of writing is truly its own reward, why his Indiegogo campaign worked so well, and his experiences with publishing—from one of the Big 5 to self-publishing.
Elliott Hartinger Klein Mooser authors

The Rewards and Challenges of Self-Publishing Children’s Books: Q&A with Four Authors

A Q&A on children's self-publishing with authors Zetta Elliott, who has released several books under her own imprint, including picture books; Brent Hartinger, who self-published a young adult series and a new adult series; Cheryl Klein, the author of a self-published a work of nonfiction; and Stephen Mooser, who released a middle grade book on his own.
5 On: Ian Thomas Healy

5 On: Ian Thomas Healy

In this 5 On interview, author and publisher Ian Thomas Healy shares what he learned from his experiences with literary agents, what to look for when submitting to small press publishers, his feelings about Amazon KDP Select, and more.
5 On: Julie Smith

5 On: Julie Smith

Author, publisher, and book marketer Julie Smith shares what she loves to write—and read—in a mystery, how her writing obsession evolved into marketing, the mistake many authors make with their book covers, and more.
Jay Swanson YouTube Patreon

Using Patreon and YouTube to Grow a Writing Career: Q&A with Jay Swanson

Author Jay Swanson discusses how he's succeeded with Patreon, which allows fans to pledge monthly financial support to his creative efforts.
Lisa Tener

5 On: Lisa Tener

Lisa Tener shares important lessons learned when writing her first book, the ups and downs of co-writing, the most important platform writers should have, and more.
Dario Ciriello

5 On: Dario Ciriello

Author Dario Ciriello talks about breaking writing rules, what publishing other writers taught him about the business, and how little he as a writer cares about what other writers think.
Jessica Chapman Tapas

A Serial Publishing Platform That Earns Money for Indie Creators

Tapas, a new digital publishing platform, has led to meaningful earnings and readership for independent artists and writers in less than two months.
Nina Sadowsky

Screenwriting Techniques to Strengthen Your Novel: Q&A with Nina R. Sadowsky

Screenwriter and novelist Nina R. Sadowsky shares screenwriting techniques that have influenced her novel writing, and writers can learn from the screen.
Aleatha Romig

Fan-Friendly Marketing and Kindle Worlds Licensing: Q&A with Aleatha Romig

Primarily an indie published author, Aleatha Romig participates in Kindle Worlds, which allows other authors to write about the characters in her work.
Debra Eckerling

5 On: Debra Eckerling

Debra Eckerling (@WriteOnOnline), founder of the writers' support group Write On!, discusses common writer challenges, the value of blogs, what it means to take writing to the next level, tragic networking mistakes, and more in this 5 On interview.
5 On: Elizabeth Marro

5 On: Elizabeth Marro

Author Elizabeth Marro discusses literary vs. commercial fiction and what she learned from the sale and marketing of her first novel.
Caroline Leavitt

5 On: Caroline Leavitt

Author Caroline Leavitt reveals the fears behind her middle-of-the-night writer anxieties, the contents of her colored book tour folders, her reaction to the praise her latest novel is receiving, and more in this 5 On interview.
Rosalie Morales Kearns

5 On: Rosalie Morales Kearns

Author, editor, and publisher Rosalie Morales Kearns discusses why she started a feminist press (and what it takes to run it), favorite writing exercises, the deeply held interests that fuel her own writing, and more.
RJ Kelly

5 On: R.J. Keller

Author R.J. Keller on the notion of the "second-book slump," how she dealt with a book idea similar to her own beating hers to the market, why to write the things that scare you, and more in this 5 On interview.
Massimo Marino

5 On: Massimo Marino

Author Massimo Marino discusses what it's like to read science fiction as a scientist, his experience with the Booktrope publishing collective, the mission of BookGarage, and more.