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What If You’re New to Writing and Don’t Know How to Fix Things?

Like writing, editing and revision are skills that take time to learn, and they develop only with practice.
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Should I Hire an Editor to Help Cut My Manuscript?

Good editors are expensive, so the best time for a full manuscript review is when you’re pretty sure your book is ready for publication.
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How Big of a Problem Is “Head Hopping”?

Switching POVs within the same scene should only be tackled by experienced fiction writers, and only when it reveals something important.
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How to Avoid Taking Edits Too Personally

When editorial feedback entails rebuilding a manuscript, one writer struggles with not taking it too personally.
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When Should Writers Stand Their Ground Versus Defer to an Editor?

Is it best for unpublished authors to trust the editorial guidance of their agents and editors, especially when it comes to sensitive issues?