The Business Clinic

The Business Clinic is a series of free online sessions hosted by Jane. Each clinic will tackle a thorny business problem faced by a specific writer and invite you to join the live conversation. These are recorded and posted to Jane’s YouTube channel.

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Choosing Your Next Project

You can’t call Merle Bombardieri, MSW, LICSW a late bloomer. While she was In her early thirties, the first edition of her book, THE BABY DECISION, was published to critical acclaim, and she started a clinical social work practice. But it wasn’t until 2016, when she was sixty-seven years old, that her career took an exponential leap. Releasing the second edition of THE BABY DECISION put her on the Amazon bestseller list, significantly increased her income, and brought her international coaching clients. Now at seventy-four, she must balance making the most of her recent success with living a healthy life.

Working with a Book Publicist

Co-authors Alison Hammer and Bradeigh Godfrey have hired an outside publicist for their second novel releasing from Penguin Random House. They’re wondering what authors can do in partnership with their publisher and publicist to help their books be successful. What’s smart to spend money and time on and what isn’t worth the effort? Join Jane, Alison, and Bradeigh to talk about their decision to hire a publicist, how it worked out with their first book, and what they can do next.

How to secure teaching gigs - Business Clinic

How to Secure Teaching Gigs

Freelancer Sarah Chauncey wants to begin teaching classes based on her expertise as a writer and editor, but has no experience doing it. She’s wondering how to resolve the Catch-22 of getting her first gig when she can’t prove her teaching bonafides. This clinic will discuss how to build one’s teaching skills, secure opportunities, and create a class that’s likely to succeed.

How Can You Level Up Your Career as a Midlist Author?

Author Beth McMullen recently published her tenth book with Simon & Schuster. Her advances earn out, but she is not earning a living. She has a spouse who earns more and keeps the ship afloat. A semi part-time gig writing novels worked well when her kids were little and she was the primary caregiver, but now the kids are older, time isn’t as compressed and she’s wondering if there is a professional career to be had in writing books. Is writing fiction a decent side hustle but nothing more? Jane and Beth will discuss how it might be possible for her to level up and earn more from her fiction-writing career.

Selling & Marketing Your Second Book

Angela Beeching has a successful book with Oxford University Press on career advancement in music, a text that’s used in many music schools for classical musicians. Her next book is about how to find your artistic voice as a performer or composer, and Angela sees this as a pivot. She seeks a different publisher and worries about how to reach the audience the book is intended for. She’s having trouble choosing a path and feels overwhelmed. Join Jane & Angela for a discussion about her next steps and how she can best move forward.

The Role of Author Websites & Blogs in the Social Media Era

When author Meg Medina designed her website, she set up a news tab that worked as a blog of sorts. But now, several years later, she’s not sure people read blogs or websites. Moreover, she’s uncertain what vehicle creates the most connection with readers any more. Worse, it has become a struggle to think of things to write about on her blog that she doesn’t already say on social media. Meg has extremely limited time and wants to use it in the most authentic and fruitful way possible. Jane & Meg will discuss how to best use her website and social media in concert with one another, and if her blogging should continue.

Niche Marketing Versus General Marketing

Author Heather Holleman has written a bestseller in the inspirational market and has a full speaking schedule for Christian audiences. Her next book launches in fall 2023, and she would like to pivot to a general market marketing plan without losing her unique branding as a Christian public figure. How would a general market approach differ from a niche/Christian marketing plan? Is it better to stick with proven demographic sales?

Getting Visibility for Older Books

Author David Kearn’s book on painting released last fall. He’s been happy with the results so far, with positive feedback from his readership and community. Sales were brisk in his local area over the holidays. But now he feels stuck.

Kearn says, “My challenge is to build a plan for pursuing avenues to make my book more visible, to drive sales and in parallel develop follow-on products. I’m stuck as to which activities I should best invest time in and how.”

This clinic will focus on how authors can think about ongoing, long-term marketing for books that are no longer new, whether you’re self-published or traditionally published.

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Jane’s Business Clinics focus on complex challenges that writers face at any stage of their career. Jane helps writers determine next steps based on their current goals and experience, complemented by her insight into current market conditions. With 20 years in the business of writing and publishing, Jane has seen most challenges that writers face (and has also dealt with them personally).

Business Clinics address issues that can’t easily be tackled in an article or blog post—or even a book. They require discussion with the writer and an understanding of the bigger picture of what the writer is trying to achieve. If you are chosen for a business clinic session (held live using Zoom), you will pay nothing. The session will be recorded and made available to the public, so you should feel comfortable discussing your business situation and goals in public.