The Business Clinic

The Business Clinic is a series of free online sessions hosted by Jane. Each clinic will tackle a thorny business problem faced by a specific writer and invite you to join the live conversation. Yes, these are recorded!

When You’re Drowning in Work

Editor and educator Allison K Williams is having a fabulous year—she hit an ambitious income target, she was named Hippocamp’s Literary Citizen of the Year, and her book came out in September. So why does she feel like she’s drowning in paperwork, and afraid to open her email because something is probably overdue?

“I feel like I can’t trust my own processes—like, a class sells out, but I’m harried the whole time that’s happening. There are 1300+ emails in my inbox—not spam, the stuff that needs to be dealt with—and I’m stuck on low-level tasks like entering names in mailing list apps that really should be automated or delegated. Plus, I’m terrible at scheduling client flow—I’m still stuck in that gig mentality of needing to accept as much work as possible, rather than choosing what I really want to do and will do the most good.”

Website Relaunch and Redesign

Editor and coach Lisa Cooper Ellison has a solid website to support her business, but she has become increasingly frustrated by its capabilities and how long it takes to complete simple tasks. Fortunately, she has the resources to invest in relaunching and redesigning her website, but she wants to spend the money wisely and get the most in terms of growth. She thinks poor SEO and website speed are impeding the growth of her email newsletter. Jane will discuss with Lisa the current state of her website (strengths and weaknesses), what role she wants it to play in her business, what improvements to consider, and what kind of help to hire.

Want to be considered for a future Business Clinic?

Jane’s Business Clinics focus on complex challenges that writers face at any stage of their career. Jane helps writers determine next steps based on their current goals and experience, complemented by her insight into current market conditions. With 20 years in the business of writing and publishing, Jane has seen most challenges that writers face (and has also dealt with them personally).

Business Clinics address issues that can’t easily be tackled in an article or blog post—or even a book. They require discussion with the writer and an understanding of the bigger picture of what the writer is trying to achieve. If you are chosen for a business clinic session (held live using Zoom), you will pay nothing. The session will be recorded and made available to the public, so you should feel comfortable discussing your business situation and goals in public.