Building a Strong Author Platform: It’s Not Just About the Numbers

Writer Unboxed

When writers are trying to build platform—in order to land a book deal—they often ask me questions like:

  • How many Twitter followers do I need?
  • How many Facebook likes should I have?
  • How many website or blog visits are required?
  • How many people need to be on my email newsletter list?

Every agent or publisher will throw out a different number to such questions, and usually that number is made up. What’s even more frustrating: building a platform only to land a book deal usually ends up short circuiting. (Here’s why.)

A smarter and more strategic author should evaluate their platform strength on three levels:

  • ability to reach new readers,
  • ability to engage existing readers, and
  • ability to mobilize super fans.

Over at Writer Unboxed, I explain how to take a holistic view toward building your author platform.

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