Best Business Advice for Writers: June 2013


Best Business Advice for Writers is a monthly link round-up where I share the best online articles focused on the business of writing and publishing. Share any best reads you’ve found lately in the comments.

How to Make Bookshops Love You and Your Book by Vanessa Robertson (@Ness_Robertson)

This is an article by a former UK-based bookseller, offering excellent and practical insights into how to build a good relationship with indie bookstores, which can play a significant role in word of mouth for your book. Click here to read the article at State of Independents.

Two Writers Who Are Killing It on Twitter by Dr. B (@BookRiot)

If you feel unsure about your Twitter use, take a look at two authors who provide good role models—full case studies at BookRiot.

Author Concerns and Complaints at Crimson Romance by Victoria Strauss (@victoriastrauss)

Even if you’re not working with Crimson Romance, even if you’re not writing romance, even if you think this could never apply to you, I encourage you to educate yourself about what type of contracts (and problems) might be involved with digital-only imprints. Click here to read the full story at Writer Beware.

21 Things You Need to Know About Self-Publishing 2.0 by James Altucher (@jaltucher)

Some of the most frequent questions I receive are about self-publishing. Here’s a good primer that provides a manageable overview for the new writer. Read the full post at Copyblogger.

What Do Self-Published Authors Need by Hugh Howey (@HughHowey)

This is a good complement to the post above. Visit bestseller Hugh Howey’s site.

Publisher margins today may be enviable, but it will be a big challenge to keep them that way by Mike Shatzkin (@Mike Shatzkin)

An essential explanation of how bestsellers get paid—to help you understand why ebook royalty rates have not increased at the big NYC publishers.

Promotional Activities Market to the Three Cs: Creators, Channels, Consumers by Mike Shatzkin (@MikeShatzkin)

This post is an industry deep-dive on the marketing practices of traditional publishers. I find it invaluable and insightful as a long-time industry observer (and player), and think it’s a must-read for authors, too. There’s a bit of jargon, but I know you can handle it. Read the full post at Mike Shatzkin’s blog (and subscribe to it while you’re there).

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