The Benefits of Procrastination & Distraction

 Elizabeth Kadetsky
Elizabeth Kadetsky

Every month, Glimmer Train releases a bulletin that includes a few brief essays by writers on the writing life. For October, I was happy to find the themes of procrastination and distraction—and how they can be a positive influence in our work lives.

  • Elizabeth Katdetsky discusses how she gives in to the procrastinator in herself, and how her recent project is a testament to “artful obsession, to letting go expectations, the quest for reward or compensation.”
  • Claire Luchette finds that the best thing she can do to help her writing is to … not write.
  • And Ron Savage tells a story that is as much about writing as it is about patient waiting.

The drive to be ever-more productive can be quite an affliction, making us a little too serious and impeding our best work. These pieces might help take the pressure off and perhaps create self-awareness around your writing (or non-writing) habits. Go read them all.

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