The Author’s Path: The Journey to Publication

Today I’m happy to share an exclusive with my readers: a detailed look at how NetGalley’s Stuart Evers and Myfanwy Collins went from manuscript to publication. They offer a comprehensive look at their publishing experience, including marketing and PR advice.

Stuart Evers is a former commissioning editor and now author of two collections of stories and a novel, as well as the NetGalley UK Community Manager.

Myfanwy Collins is the author of a novel for adults, a collection of stories, and a novel for young adults, as well as the office manager at Firebrand Technologies (NetGalley’s parent company), and manager of social media for Bookish (NetGalley’s sister site).

Here’s an overview of what you’ll find in the hour-long discussion, with time stamps:

  • 1:45: How to write a book
  • 8:30: Your book is ready! Now what?
  • 10:00: The conventional approach
  • 12:30: Tips for finding an agent
  • 19:00: What happens if a publisher accepts you
  • 22:50: The slush pile blues
  • 25:30: How work is submitted
  • 28:45: Submissions tools
  • 32:30: Pre-publication marketing
  • 39:50: Marketing tools and activities
  • 50:00: Q&A

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