Jane Friedman

My Recent Work with The Authors Guild: New Publishing Resources and Classes

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been working with The Authors Guild on the creation and release of their new resource guide on self- and e-publishing, available for free to active members. Even non-members can get a sample chapter for free.

The guide is roughly 40,000 words and covers the following areas:

Learn more at The Authors Guild site.

In addition, throughout the summer, I’m teaching a series of online classes with the Authors Guild on the following topics—all free to members. (If you’re not a member, registration is $49 per class.)

Learn more and register.

You may be wondering: how does one qualify to be a member of The Authors Guild? Fortunately, in recent years, the guild has rolled out additional membership categories so that all types of writers are welcome to join. These include:

Professional memberships ($125/year) are available to self-published authors and freelance writers who have earned at least $500 in the last 18 months from writing. Learn more.

The Authors Guild has recently amped up all of its author education resources, and is extending its writers’ resource library with an excellent range of business information. I may be biased given my partnership with the Guild, but now is a great time to join!