Diversify Your Writing Income: Build a Resilient Business Model for Your Career

This class is now over and is unavailable for purchase. Sign up to receive announcements about upcoming classes. Learn how to develop a diverse mix of revenue streams and future-proof your earnings If you want your writing to produce a consistent living wage, then it’s necessary to consider the business model that will support you—and how […]

Sunday Business Sermons

Join me on Sunday afternoons for off-the-cuff and free conversations about the business of writing, publishing, and freelancing (and life). I discuss issues that writers often ask me about, offer my subjective take, and tell you stories of my own experience—with hard lessons learned and maybe an entertaining story or two. Sunday Business Sermons go […]

Design Your Writing Space for Maximum Creativity, According to Science

This class has passed and is unavailable for purchase. Sign up to receive announcements about upcoming classes. How the color of your walls, the height of your ceilings, and the shape of your furniture affects the quality of your writing For over twenty years, scientists have been exploring how our physical surroundings can change the […]

Starting Later & Starting Over: Launching a Writing Career When You’re No Longer “Young”

Seven-figure deals seem to be given to more 20-something debut writers than debut writers in any other age group, yet Pulitzer Prize winner Annie Proulx started writing at 58—and Frank McCourt began writing in his 60s. Were these writers more talented than younger writers trying to break in at the same time? Or has the industry started gravitating more toward younger writers in recent years? Two literary agents, Sarah Davies and Dr. Uwe Stender, offer their thoughts on the publishing industry’s attitude toward age.

The Business of Being a Writer

The Business of Being a Writer

The Business of Being a Writer by Jane FriedmanWriters talk about their work in many ways: as an art, as a calling, as a lifestyle. Too often missing from these conversations is the fact that writing is also a business. The reality is, those who want to make a full- or part-time job out of […]

Best Books on Writing

My favorite books on getting published Writer’s Market Published since 1921, this is the ultimate directory for finding publishers, literary agents, book competitions, and conferences. Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript, 3rd edition This is an indispensable visual guide for understanding how to format your work for submission to an agent or publisher. How to Write […]

My Latest Writings & Ideas—Elsewhere

This past week, I’ve been a guest at a range of sites. Here’s where you can find my latest musings on the future of publishing and more. Stop Looking for Innovation on the Newsstand In this piece for the Bo Sacks newsletter, I question why we’re using newsstand as a measuring stick for the health […]

by Niklas Wikström

Being an Author vs. Running a Business as an Author

Is there a difference between being an author versus running a business as an author? In this interview with Joanna Penn, we discuss some of the important shifts that happen when you begin treating your writing (and/or your art) also as your business. We also cover: The trade-offs that can make full-time writing possible The business […]

The Muse and the Marketplace 2014

Writing & Money: A Brief Syllabus

For my upcoming keynote talk at The Muse & The Marketplace, I’ve been immersing myself in histories of publishing and the evolution of authorship. While I’m quite well-read on what the future holds (see a separate reading list here), and often speak on the current digital-era disruption, I’ve always wanted a more cohesive understanding of […]

The Economics of Writing & Publishing in the Digital Age

This past week, I was interviewed along with my Scratch business partner, Manjula Martin, about the economic realities of writing and publishing during a very transformational time for the industry. The interview was for an episode of an hour-long podcast by BoingBoing, The New Disruptors, hosted by Glenn Fleishman. I’ve pasted a few show notes […]

Finding a Balance Between Writing and Marketing

Note from Jane: The following post by Joshua Graham (@J0shuaGraham) is the third in a series sponsored by Nook Press, offering tips and advice from authors on writing and publishing. Read earlier sponsored posts from Nook: How to Build a Writing Group in Your Community by Nathaniel Kressen The Importance of Your Book Cover: Finding the Right Fit by Colleen Gleason […]